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About us

We're geniuses at digital

We know the world of IT like the back of our hand. Our expertise: more than ten years of experience at various large digital agencies. Luc worked as a digital consultant and business developer at We are you for Essent, KPN, and Exact software, among others. Yauhen emigrated five years ago from IT capital in Minsk to the Netherlands to work as a tech lead and senior backend developer for We are you. The Belarusian translates business processes effortlessly into intelligent and simple solutions. Yauhen also plays an important role in PHP and Drupal open source communications as an organizer, contributor, and speaker at large international conferences. Luc’s business skills, Yauhen’s technical know-how, and our shared vision and expertise have led to the establishment of Solvy, a digital agency.


If you would like to know more about our (inter)national clients from different branches, please contact Luc Kitslaar. There is no better referent than a real customer, which is why we are happy to put you in contact with our customers on request.


Without unnecessary fuss, with effect.

Digital thinking is the success factor for any company. At Solvy we excel at it. In fact, we don’t do anything else. We translate challenging digital issues into efficient (web) applications that are easy to use. Self-service portals, advanced (b2b) e-commerce environments or custom applications; as a digital agency we combine data with technology in an Agile approach and build much more than just websites. We let clients grow with the market and help them innovate with digital possibilities. So that they can continue to add value to their services.


We prefer logic over looks

Web applications are often still flown in too complex. At Solvy, we don’t like to be difficult when things get easier, we don’t use more technology than necessary and we believe in making value-driven choices. Function over form, logic over looks. We kick off challenging issues with a Proof of Concept or a Proof of Technology with a survey of the entire ecosystem: which systems are present? What legacy is running? How does the current design match the goals? We then start small, so that we are quickly up and running and reachable. With the obtained market information, we then further develop the product as a team.


We always work together

The success of digitisation depends on the way in which companies and organisations embrace change and innovation; progressive IT products only work if they are adopted and used correctly. At Solvy we, therefore, do not develop from our own island. We don’t just work alone but rather we operate together with clients as one flexible agile team. Not because it’s hip, but because it works. Moreover, we don’t keep our knowledge to ourselves, but help companies to increase their digital and technical knowledge in-house. In this way, we also make organisations themselves more effective, mature and successful in the use and deployment of digital resources.

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