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Web & App development

We develop websites, portals, commerce applications & apps based on proven technology with a focus on ease of use. We prefer function over form, logic above looks. Development takes place with multidisciplinary agile teams of which the client is a part.

Software engineering

Complex or very specific solutions are not always suitable for standard applications. We create smart and simple solutions for the most complex issues by developing custom software that is understandable and easy to use. CRM, HR en ERP integrations, self-service applications, APIs, device connectors, etc, we are constantly looking for new technical challenges.


We always provide honest and expert advice, which enables our clients to grow into relationships. Professionalization of your digital department, agile training, or technical advice from specialists. Consultancy takes many forms.

Strategy & Concept

Digital evolutions are related to the strategy of each company. Digital expertise and market knowledge come together. Solvy chooses to work with strategic partners with experience. Profit requires a different approach, knowledge, and experience than Non-profit and retail is a completely different sector than the industry.

Maintenance & Support

As a technical partner, we ensure optimal performance of your website or application. Pro-actively, all necessary actions are performed monthly and we monitor the websites or application 24/7. Our service desk is available 24/7 for support questions and support.



Laravel & Symfony

We use PHP Framework Laravel & Symfony in the development of advanced web applications and APIs.

Both PHP Frameworks are very popular because they are powerful, reliable, and scalable. The use of a Framework is ideal for the development and management of more challenging solutions.

Frameworks, like CMSs, also have a multitude of useful functionalities available and the front-end and back-end (headless) are developed separately, which offers many possibilities!



We use Drupal as a content hub and as a CMS for our web applications. A CMS that manages content centrally and makes this content available to apps, websites, and other applications via Rest API.

With the right people and knowledge, Drupal is the best open-source platform available on the market. Thanks in part to Drupal’s modular character, it is incredibly flexible and can do much more than many other CMSs. That’s why Drupal is often seen as a framework. The advantages of standards and ease of use of a CMS with the flexibility of customization.


Drupal Commerce

Drupal Commerce is used to build eCommerce websites and applications of all sizes. At its core it is lean and mean, enforcing strict development standards and leveraging the greatest features of Drupal 8/9 and major modules like Views and Rules for maximum flexibility.

Whereas eCommerce solutions are often developed with an application mindset, highlighting what you can do with it out of the box, Drupal Commerce was developed with a framework mindset, focusing on what you can build with it. The core Commerce systems make no hard-coded assumptions about your business model, privileging developers and site builders at the core level to build custom eCommerce solutions to suit.


React JS

React is a Javascript library to build user interfaces with. React was developed by Facebook in 2011 from the need to make the code of large web applications more manageable. It was initially an internal project and was used for the Facebook and Instagram platform after which it was rolled out as an open-source technique available to everyone.

React JS is also excellent to apply in a headless setup: front-ends that collect data from different sources benefit from this, as well as applications where speed and User Experience are exploited down to the smallest detail.



Both the framework solutions Laravel and Symfony and the CMS Drupal are based on the PHP scripting language. Fast, flexible, and pragmatic, PHP powers more than half of the websites and applications on the Internet. It is very important that the language is developing steadily, thus bringing performance, security, and ease of use on a higher level with every version release.

Built specifically for the web, PHP is still the best solution for most challenges your business face online. With every project delivered, we master our expertise and use the latest PHP versions to ensure maximum takeaways for our customers.


iOS & Android

Digital sources of information continue to grow and with it the demand for Apps. There are many different reasons for developing an App. It is therefore not known to everyone that there is a big technical difference between developing types of apps (a native app, a web app or a hybrid app). Each application requires a different solution. We advise in the right choice that suits the desired functionality and develop all types of apps.

Together with Android, iOS covers almost the entire Dutch market for smartphones and tablets. Our apps meet Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines to ensure quality and function over form, logic over looks.

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