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Effective information security a given? Absolutely.
Solvy & ISO 27001:2022

So, in 2023, Solvy obtained the ISO 27001:2022 certificate, a step we at Solvy consider as a matter of course. But what exactly does the ISO 27001:2022 certificate entail, and what requirements must a company meet to obtain this certification?

The ISO 27001:2022 certificate represents an international standard for information security, covering various aspects including compliance with laws and regulations, secure onboarding and offboarding of employees, authorizations, and the security of technical equipment.


Errors can have significant consequences, such as a data breach of personal information or a malware attack. While an ISO 27001:2022 certificate does not guarantee the exclusion of such situations, the precautions and contingency procedures enable swift action, aiming to mitigate damages.


Achieving an ISO 27001:2022 certificate requires the implementation of unique management measures characterized by the three pillars of information security policy: availability, integrity, and confidentiality. Organizations must demonstrate this implementation to a team of external auditors.