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Alfa Laval is a Swedish manufacturer of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling technologies, systems and products. The company makes products for the offshore industry, including heat exchangers, separators, fluid handling systems and components. Alfa Laval's products are used in offshore oil and gas installations, as well as in shipping, oil and gas extraction, aquaculture, food processing and various other industries.


Alfa Laval engineers travel around the world to perform audits on board ships. These audits are part of Alfa Laval's service offering, which is managed from Nijmegen. The audits are carried out on board the vessel where there is not always a connection. Nevertheless, Alfa Laval wants to digitize the audit reports.

Audit app

Solvy has realized a Progressive web app for the tablet including a back office application. Both applications are running within Alfa Laval Sweden's Azure environment.

Highlights of the back office system: 

  • Creation and issuing of assignments (audits) from headquarters;
  • Overview, insight and status of all audits worldwide;
  • Universal and complete automatic PDF reporting flow;
  • Logging and calendaring of all service activities.

Highlights of the Progressive web app: 


  • Offline mode for engineers;
  • Autosave as soon as connection is established;
  • Universal reporting;
  • Invoking tablet functions such as photo camera and push notifications;
  • Substantial time savings.
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What is a Progressive web app?

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a type of Web application that provides user experiences similar to native apps. These apps offer features such as push notifications, offline usage and a low-latency user experience. PWAs are developed using Web technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Thereby, these apps are designed to function on all devices, including desktop, mobile and tablet.

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