Lumach trader in used heavy equipment
Buy & Sell Heavy Equipment

B2B application for traders and end users of construction equipment

About Lumach

Lumach is a brand-independent company specializing in the sale of used equipment from the earthmoving, transfer and recycling industries. The equipment comes from The Netherlands and Western Europe and is exported worldwide.


This platform was developed to more clearly display Lumach's diverse offerings and, in addition, to provide technical information of the equipment to potential buyers. For Lumach employees, the management of advertisements has been simplified and advertisements are automatically forwarded to international trading platforms (read marketplaces).

For whom

The platform is intended for traders and end users active in the earthmoving, transshipment and recycling industry, from all over the world.


The open source CMS Drupal i.c.m. Drupal Commerce was used for this platform. The following specific setups were implemented;


  • Backoffice with ad form for creating products/adverts.
  • Backoffice with overview of all products incl. product information and various quick filters. This in order to help customers quickly.
  • Intelligence in the display of products and search results.
  • Integration with WhatsApp on mobile for direct contact and lead generation.
  • Scalable cloud servers at Pantheon with CDN setup for fast load times.
  • This platform was developed as a product. New platforms are rolled out with 1 push of a button.
  • There is 1 central source code so maintenance and security updates can be rolled out quickly and without worry, resulting in significant savings in operational costs.
Data insights

The data generated by this platform is very valuable for sales within the Lumach company. Visitor numbers for specific ads help determine price. High traffic, means high demand and keeps the price up. Low-visit ads are compared to data from Google search traffic. Results from this analysis fluctuate prices on the website. Supported by data, the asking price is controlled based on supply and demand.


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