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The digital customer portal is the next evolution of the B2B online shop.

Multi Bier the wholesaler of (special) beers. The largest assortment digitally available for the liquor store, liquor store, supermarket and catering business.

About Multi Bier


Multi Bier is experiencing tremendous growth. The popularity of specialty beers has been rising for years, and the corona has caused home consumption to skyrocket as well. This growth cries out for an accelerated digital transition. The traditional wholesale construction with large sales departments, order managers, planners must give room for digital solutions. The workload due to the rapid increase is not sustainable, digital solutions do offer this flexibility. Sales and order managers get room to expand the customers by supporting them with market information and marketing actions.

The distribution network that Multi Bier has built up over the years is also under pressure. Higher costs due to rising gasoline prices are putting pressure on margins. How are we going to make efficiency within the distribution network. When do we deliver where? How do we avoid half transports? How do we feed our customers? Etc.

Multi Bier


Solvy developed a custom customer portal for Multi Bier. In a rapidly growing organization and market, you have to be agile and flexible. That is why we choose not to think out an enormous scope with a long lead time, but to start small and develop based on data-driven insights. Within 6 sprints of 2 weeks we had the MVP up and running. The MVP contained the following functionalities:

  • Intergration with the custom ERP
  • Placing (re-)orders
  • Insight into order status
  • Access to credits
  • Insight into delivery schedules
  • Insight into stock
  • Custom marketing/sales actions
  • Roles and rights per customer
  • Customer groups
Multi Bier Customer Portal
Multi Bier


What is a digital customer portal?

The digital customer portal is the next evolution of the B2B online shop. It can simplify the buyer's buying process, digitize the seller's sales processes and support after-sales activities and the development of digital services. It covers a large part of the customer cycle and offers a full spectrum of services during the different phases of the customer relationship. It also enables targeted communication based on the different roles and requirements on the customer's side.

Would you like to look inside one of our clients. You can? We are happy to take you to our clients and demonstrate our solutions in practice.

Multi Bier