Wind power an efficient source of renewable energy production

Multi-site application

RWE has been providing people and businesses with reliable energy - day and night - for more than 120 years. For many people, electricity is taken for granted. It's always there and you get it right out of the wall socket. And that's true, because energy producers like RWE make sure of that - with clean, safe and affordable electricity.


Sustainable initiatives that arise quickly and sometimes unexpectedly. With a new team each time, full-fledged informative websites must be launched quickly, sometimes in collaboration with a network of partners. This requires a flexible digital partner that provides support using a clear set of standard functionalities that can be used to build any website.


The informative websites are intended for local residents, stakeholders, partners, authorities. Anyone who wants to access information about the initiative.

Relief is the most important aspect of these initiatives. A supplier who knows the website and can offer support on all aspects.   

CMS Drupal

Are you interested in how a CMS like drupal can be modular. Modular means having a library of standard functionality so that a page or website is set up quickly. In modern language, we also call this Low Code or even No code. Configuring pages and websites with virtually no code.

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A multi-site application is a type of CMS setup that can serve multiple Websites from a single central (content) source. This form allows content editors to manage, design and publish Websites from a single management system. It also provides the ability to use different Website themes so that each Website looks unique and can be offered to different audiences.